2009 World FITASC Championships

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Top 11 Scores

31st World FITASC Championships

16th-22nd November 2009

Laang Sporting Clay Range

Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia

Photos by Pierre Dubois



Hot shot - Birgan hits target as Australia's first world champ

Taking a pot shot at regional sports funding

Aaah! Now that really hits the target

Making his Mark: Brit in third after day two

GOLD SHOT: Renae targets team title

FIRING UP: He's shooting for glory

All guns blazing as world titles begin

Own own little Olympic parade

US shooters have successive world titles in sights

Laang is on target

50-50 vision for birthday shoot

It is a great course

George aims to be wizard of Oz

Laang to become boom locale for 600 clay shooters

Club with no beer: Guns and alcohol a 'deadly cocktail'

World shooting titles face booze ban

World comes to Laang for international shooting titles



Video - First Day Part 1

Video - First Day Part 2

Pierre Dubois Comments - Day 3 Competition

Pierre Dubois Comments - Day 2 Competition

Pierre Dubois Comments - Day 1 Competition

Pierre Dubois Comments - Practice Day 1

Photo Slideshow - Nov 20

Australian Federation Photos - Mark Farrow

Dubois_Practice_ Day_1
Sightseeing_ Port_Fairy

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