La Roue du Roy
Hemmingford, Quebec

Frostbite Open - February 9, 2003

Sporting Clays

Seventy-six shooters attended the first sporting clays shoot ever held at the club during the winter.  The shoot started in almost whiteout conditions with heavy snow falling for the first hour. The sun finally broke out and except for an occasional gust of wind and snow flurries, the majority of the shooters were presented with excellent shooting conditions.

Hat's off to the people that made the shoot happen, and to those who volunteered during the shoot, scoring and working the desk.  The girls at the desk were on top of registrations and squading throughout the shoot.   The gang in the kitchen put on a great lunch, featuring home made soup.

The shoot consisted of 100 targets, twelve stations.  Target presentations were fair, with enough interesting targets to make it a very enjoyable shoot.

At the end of the day their was talk of making this an annual event and adding Saturday squading.

Results: (Three tie breaker stations)

A-1 (95) Andre Guenette, A-2 (89) Serge McKenzie, A-3 (88) Jean-Paul Trudel

B-1 (76) Bill Winchester, B-2 (76) Yvan Pleau, B-3 (76) Bruno Pelle, B-3 (76) Ron Bergamin

C-1 (71) Ann Labreque, C-2 (71) Tony Luliani, C-3 (70) Jane Giroux

D-1 (65) Cesare Forte, D-2 (65) Larry Lasante, D-3 (64) Dan Levaseur

E-1 (54) Patrick Charbonneau, E-2 (54) Alex Garin, E-3 (54) Denise Messier

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Posted By: Joe Potosky
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