Club Josée - St-Alexandre, Quebec
Sporting Clays - July 27, 2003

Sporting Clays
Shootoff finalists (André Guenette and Serge Mckenzie)

By Marrio Deland:  Very nice parcour of 9 stations for 50 targets.  The weather was perfect until the end.  Good targets and a very well organized tournament.  Sixty five shooters came to this shoot and will certainly come again as we were very pleased with everything.  The food was great, thanks to the cooking staff!!  Nicole took care of the inscription like a pro.  The team on the field worked all day and they were all very friendly.  The lady at the bar did a great job and was very kind.   The tournament was finally won on a shootoff station by Serge McKenzie over André Guenette.

Class A; # 1- Serge Mckenzie (45/50) shootoff winner, # 2- André Guenette (45/50), # 3- M. Clouatre (43/50), # 4- Elie Zarife (43/50)

Class B; #1- Jean Paradis (36/50), #2- Philippe Fortier ( 36/50)

Class C; #1- Anne Labrecque (30/50)

Class D; #1 Michel Boucher 25/50

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Thank you to everyone who participated to the success of this tournament


Sporting Clays
Louis Girard, Pierre Dubois, Guy Chayer and Eric Forest


Sporting Clays


Sporting Clays


Sporting Clays


Sporting Clays
Jean Paul Trudel and Marc


Sporting Clays

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Photos by: Mario Deland

Posted By: Joe Potosky

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