La Roue du Roy - Hemmingford, Quebec

La Classique De Sporting / July 5 & 6, 2003

The Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation
Pour Les Enfants - For the Children

Results: HOA (92) Andre Guenette, RU (92) R. Furguson, AA1 (92) Ed Couture;  A-1 (81) Thomas Kucharski;   B-1 (75) Harry Knutson;   C-1 (69) Pierre Bélanger;   D-1 (59) Nancy Ansfield;   L1 (77) Jane Murphy;   J1 (73) Benoit Theoret.

Special thanks to the sponsors: Charles Daly,  F.N. SportsGesti Faune, $3000 fishing trip,  Baron Sport,  Browning,  Stoeger Canada Beretta ,  Dante Inc.,  Gaz Métropolitain,   Assaleh Jewelers,  Le Groupe Charbonneau,  RBC Financial Group, &  CopieNova.  Plus many smaller contributors.

Sporting Clays


Sporting Clays
Charles Daly Winner


Sporting Clays
HOA Andre Guenette - 92


Sporting Clays


Sporting Clays

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Shoot Results - PDF

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La Roue du Roy - 2003 Sporting Clays Events:

Pre-Register: Phone Ricky at 450-247-2882 or 1-888-747-2882

  • Aug 10: Kent Cartridge Grand Prix
  • Aug 30: FITASC (75 Targets)
  • Sep 14: Le Sporting de Chasse Le Chameau / Ducks Unlimited