Montreal Skeet Club / Les Cèdres

QPTA Trap Provincial / August 22-24, 2003

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Tony Saoumaa, 12 Years Old
First 25 Straight in Handicap












Once again, the intrepid threesome from Ontario, (Vancso's, Kapasi's, and Mackie's) had a fabulous time at the QPTA in Les Cedres.  The hospitality and friendliness given by the Quebec shooters was exemplary.  Francine, John, Serge, Gilbert, Eli, and everyone else who helped with this year's competition worked extra hard to make everyone feel welcome.  The cheerful ladies in the kitchen are commended for their patience with us, especially when we ordered breakfast (en Anglais), and "une biere froise" later in the day.  As you might guess, I can't speak a lick of French.  A tip of the hat to Francine for her shooting accomplishments, and the photos she took.  Her husband John, is not only a highly competitive guy, but also a wizard on the bbq.  I'm proud of our Canadian shooters.

Frank Kapasi

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Photos by: Francine Sonne

Posted By: Joe Potosky

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