Sandanona (Orvis) - Millbrook, New York

Vintagers Cup - September 2003

The World S/S called the "Vintagers Cup" was shot at Sandanona (Orvis) in Millbrook, NY.  Several hundred in each event on Saturday.   Over 600 shot on Sunday.     There were several thousand people in attendance during the weekend.   There were exhibits by the worlds foremost fine gunmakers including among others: Holland & Holland, Purdy, Griffin & Howe, Churchill, Merkel, Famars, Beretta, Kreighoff among many more.   Everyone should send a note to Audi USA for once more being a major sponsor at the event!   It is a very rare occurence for someone outside the industry to be at such an event with such a strong showing.

World S/S


World S/S


World S/S


World S/S

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Posted By: Joe Potosky

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