Club de tir L'Acadie
Montreal Anglers & Hunters

5-Stand / January 2004

Exciting times at L'Acadie.  The Winchester skeet machines on the 5-stand have been replaced with new Lincoln traps.  The machines hold 300 targets each and are silent when releasing targets.  The targets fly flat, no vibration, or wobble.  A machine that launches a chandelle (looping - regular size target) has been installed, and the old rabbit machine has been replaced with a movable Lincoln rabbit trap.  The 5-Stand consist of twelve machines, with two machines set to release targets from a raised platform that is setup behind the shooters.

An additional shoot menu is now available, a red menu with all new combinations, and a blue menu which is very much the old menu, with a few changes to incorporate the new chandelle.

Plans are going forward to re-activate the Olympic Bunker Trap with fifteen machines, and for the installation of a Sporting Clays course.

Lincoln Trap
Lincoln Trap

Dead the Pair    126K







5-Stand  5-Stand




Thanks to Pierre Dubois & Mario Deland for providing input for this posting.


Posted By: Joe Potosky

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