La Roue du Roy
La Roue du Roy
Hemmingford, Quebec - February 8, 2004

Frost Bite Open - Sporting Clays

La Roue du Roy

The second annual Frost Bite Open saw seventy-six shooters in attendance.  The day started out cold and windy, but as the day progressed the temperature eventually hit 21 degrees ( -6 C).  The wind was kicking up in the morning (minus wind chill), but calmed down later in the day.

Erick and his gang did a fantastic job keeping the machines up and running, the crew at the desk did an outstanding job, and club volunteers were out in force and pulled targets throughout the day.   As always the kitchen staff did an great job and put on a very nice lunch.

Standings: A1 Andre Guenette (90), A2 Bob Scudero (88), A3 Bob Howard (87);  B1 Kent Clegg (77), B2 Michel Marchand (76), B3 Mohammed Kaddaoui (75);  C1 Louis Hebert (70), C2 Bill Winchester (70), C3 Loris Terzakain (70);  D1 Etienne Hebert (63), D2 Larry Cooper (63), D3 John Gosselin (62);  E1 Charlie Desautels (51), E2 Dennis Cooper (50), E3 Normand Poissant (48).


Sporting Clays


Sporting Clays


Sporting Clays


Sporting Clays


Sporting Clays


Sporting Clays

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Shoot Results - PDF



Photos: Joe Potosky & Bob Howard

Posted By: Joe Potosky

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