Rochester Brooks
Rush, New York - April 23-25, 2004

Spring Deuce - NSCA Big Blast
FITASC - Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays

Very friendly crowd running the shoot and no questions went unanswered.  The trappers and scorers were in good spirits throughout the course of the shoot and seemed to bend over backwards to make the shooters feel welcomed.

Friday and Saturday weather was good, with light winds and sunny skies.  Good target presentations in the FITASC event and a nice turnout for the sub-gauge events.

On Sunday, the weather took a turn and we started the 9am rotation under light rain and cool conditions.  Station #3 slowed things up a bit, as the wind at times affected the target presentation, and the machine had to be adjusted on numerous occasions.  Two times I observed machine problems on the course and the maintenance crew was on the spot in minutes, making quick repairs.  I think the quick service on machines was due to the communications network setup on the course.  It seemed that all the scorers had a communication device and could call for assistance, as needed.  Very good idea and not seen at every club.

A large number of Canadian shooters were on hand, from both the providence of Quebec and Ontario.  Shooters interested in traveling to either Canada or the United States can find border crossing information posted on the Lost Target web site.   Americans crossing into Canada with firearms for the first time can clear customs in under 30 minutes.

Sporting Clays
Friday Practice


Sporting Clays


Sporting Clays


Sporting Clays
Pierre Dubois & Bob Howard


Sporting Clays
Friday Practice

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Photos: Joe Potosky & Bob Howard

Posted By: Joe Potosky

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