Sportsman's Club of Franklin County
St. Albans, Vermont
Fun Shoot
May 16, 2004


Nice weather with hardly any wind.  The shoot was well run and plenty of club volunteers were on hand.  I've been attending shoots at the club for many year and I think this was the largest number of womens shooters that have ever participated.

I like to say this is an old fashion fun shoot and they keep it fun and simple.  You enter in any event and you get a free lunch.  Trophies are awarded to both the men and women, and they don't forget the kids and have trophies for the winners in that age group.

Fun Shoot


HOA: Bill Weed  Trap: James Maskel (1), Bill Weed (2), Tom Oliver (3).  Skeet: Bill Weed (1), Bryce Verrall (2), Joe Potosky (3).  Pump Skeet: Russ Fortin (1), Roy Fortin (2), Bill Weed (3).

Womens Trap: Morgan McCuin (1), Judy Vanslette (2), Heide Potosky (3).  Womens Skeet: Heide Potosky (1), Gail Morin (2), Deb Howard (3).

Fun Shoot


Fun Shoot


Fun Shoot


Fun Shoot


Fun Shoot


Fun Shoot
Heide Potosky

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In conjuction with the fun shoot a 3D archery shoot was also held at the club.  Bryce Verrall took a few photos.

Archery Photo Page A Archery Photo Page B



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Photos: Joe Potosky, Bryce Verrall, & Heide Potosky

Posted By: Joe Potosky

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