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Mister Shotgun - Fun Shoot - 150 Targets
July 4, 2004

Montreal Skeet Club

Six fields and 150 targets.  We had very few no-birds and the trap help was outstanding.  New for this shoot was the 5-Stand.  It was moved next to the earthen berm, right side of field #1 (Bunker Trap).  This looks like a smart move on the part of the club, as it allows for machines to be more spread apart, and too also be able to place machines along the side and top of the berm.  The top five shooters were Bob Howard (144), Guy Chayer (139), Andre Guenette (138), Leo LaPlante (135), & Pierre Dubois (135).   Congratulations to Larry Aitken who shot his first 25 straight in skeet.

The next shoot scheduled for the club will be a sporting clays shoot on July 31 or August 1.  Shoot one or both days.

Fun Shoot


Fun Shoot
Mr. Shotgun - American Shooter Bob Howard
Bob won three cases of Challenger Shells
Engraved with His Name


Fun Shoot


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Photos: Joe Potosky & Bob Howard

Posted By: Joe Potosky

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