Moore 'N Moore Sporting Clays
San Fernando, CA - September 19, 2004

Club Lead & Prime Rib

By Brad G.:  55 shooters braved the inclement weather in Southern California today to shoot the Club Lead & Prime Rib event (inclement weather in So. Cal. means it's partly cloudy) at Moore N' Moore Sporting Clays in San Fernando CA.

We shot 10 birds at each of 10 stations to make up 100.  We shot 2 singles, 2 report pairs and 2 true pairs.  Moore Ní Moore has "A" & "B" shooting boxes at each station and today we used the "B"s (I think theyíre the harder of the 2).

Since M N' M is located in the San Gabriel Mtn. foothills, they make good use of the terrain. Some uphill shots, some out in the valley shots along with crossers, in-comers, out-goers, rabbits, teals, and so on.  All in all it was a good mix of targets.

After the shooting was done, we had lunch.  They donít call it Club Lead & Prime Rib for nothing.  For lunch we had (you guessed it) prime rib. Now I'm not talking about some crappy piece of prime rib you get at Denny's.  Iím talking about a tender, juicy cut of meat, along with a baked potato, salad, rolls & butter, brownies, water, soda, beer and...

Guy St. Louis shot a 90 to win HOA.  How did I do? Well, I had fun and I had prime rib, so it wasn't too bad.

Moore N' Moore holds 2 shoots a month -- their monthly registered shoot and a monthly fun (Lewis class) shoot.

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Photos: Brad G.

Posted By: Joe Potosky

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