Montreal Skeet Club
Montreal Skeet Club
Skeet - Trap - 5 Stand - Sporting Clays - International Skeet - Bunker Trap
2070, Chemin du canal (route 338)
Les cèdres, Québec, J7T 1L7, Canada
tel : (450) 452-2417

Tir au Jambon / Ham shoot
March 13, 2005


Montreal Skeet Club

Mr. Skeet - J.P. Leroux

Five events (250 Targets): 50 skeet, 50 trap, 25 special trap doubles, 50 5-stand, & 50 Olympic bunker trap.

HOA: Zarife, Elie (221)

Skeet: Leroux, J.P. (50)   Trap: LaPlante, Leo (50)  5-Stand: Trudel, Jean-Paul (46) 

Double Trap: Zarife, Elie (49)  Olympic Bunker Trap: Zarife, Elie (29)

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Photos: Joe Potosky

Posted By: Joe Potosky

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