Platt Station

Platt Station Invitational

HOA Mike Stackfelth (94) and RU Brian DuQuesnay (93).   MASTER: 1st James Bowers (93), 2nd Hank Carroll (92), 3rd Bob Fields (92).   AA: 1st Rodrigo Meheck (92), 2nd Ryan Lowrey (89), 3rd Anna Marie Collins (89).   A: 1st Oliver Smith (89), 2nd Stephen Seaga (88), 3rd Joe McMahon (84).   B: 1st 88 Dwight Chin-sang (88), 2nd Clifford Venditti (86), 3rd Kevin Hawley (84).   C: 1st Eric Johnson (86), 2nd Louise Terry (83), 3rd Robert Wagner (82).   D: 1st Jeff Hodges (84), 2nd Ken Minsky (83), 3rd Robert Johnson (81).   E: 1st Craig Hawley (74), 2nd Doug Bailey (71), 3rd Gregg Nelson (69).

Fellsmere, Florida - March 25, 2006

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Photos: Gregg Nelson

Posted By: Joe Potosky

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